VISIODRY® is a unique and unprecedented anti-wetting product delivering outstanding performance on glasses , helmet visors, ski goggles, camera, back mirrors.  With VISIODRY®, water rolls off the surface even when the object is stationary, preventing it from getting wet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does VISIODRY prevent glasses and visors from fogging up? 

No, VISIODRY® does not prevent condensation from forming. Condensation forms when water vapour condenses on the inner surface of the lens or visor. The surface must be superhydrophilic to prevent this happening. VISIODRY®is superhydrophobic and is applied on the outer surface.

Can VISIODRY be applied to any kind of surface? 

Yes, none of the components in VISIODRY® interact with other materials. VISIODRY® will not damage glasses frames, camera parts or the helmet to which the visor is attached.

Don’t bother applying VISIODRY® to your clothes, though, as it will simply be absorbed and treat the inside of the fibres, which would be pretty pointless.

Is VISIODRY durable? 

VISIODRY® repels all kinds of water (rain, fog, snow). Once applied, it is effective for several weeks.

VISIODRY® is nonetheless a temporary solution. That means it can be wiped away with ease and then reapplied at will, guaranteeing maximum protection as and when required.

Does VISIODRY use the same technology as other water repellent products? 

No, VISIODRY® is a unique, new-generation product that is unbelievably effective. All the other products available on the market today are simply hydrophobic, whereas VISIODRY® is SUPERHYDROPHOBIC.

Does VISIODRY offer protection against midges and mosquitos? 

No, the only thing VISIODRY® repels is water. It is, however, pretty rare to encounter rain and mosquitos at the same time!

How long will one aerosol last? 

The number of applications per type of use is indicated on the side of the can. The can may only be small, but a little goes a long way.

Does VISIODRY work in fog? 

Yes, fog consists of microdroplets of water. The smaller the droplets of water are, the harder they are to eliminate. VISIODRY® repels these microdroplets at a moderate speed, allowing you to drive safely, which is the most important thing!