Professional cyclist creator of the Cross Team Legendre

French Cyclocross Champion in 2018

4th in the World Cyclocross

Since the Gravel of Legend, I had the opportunity to test a product on my glasses, a so-called superhydrophobic product.

I already knew some hydrophobic products but not “super” hydrophobic.

After a very very conclusive demonstration, it was obvious that I had to test this product on my glasses, being as always very annoyed when the weather is capricious in terms of humidity (but not only, you will understand)

And what a surprise… I can say it, the fog, the humidity, the drizzle… Nothing alters my vision! Then one day, a heavy rain fell on me in the middle of training… and there, FINALLY, I could keep my glasses on my nose without having to take them off and be victims of the incessant projections !

Since November, I had the opportunity to participate in many muddy cyclocrosses, with a rather liquid mud. Despite this, YES, Visiodry is part of the elements that go hand in hand with good comfort for performance! I know that I have an advantage over the others, and that I am protected from the slightest projection.

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Joris Ryf

Joris Ryf

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